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Name Phone Position
Shelley Nordick 801-567-8122 Administrator
Stacy Evans 801-567-8110 Staff Assistant
Noreen Samowitz 801-567-8367 Administrative Assistant
Michele Daly 801-567-8129 Consultant, Dual Lang Immersion (DLI)
   Leticia Thomas 801-567-8135 Specialist, Dual Lang Immersion (DLI)
   Stacy Lyon 801-567-8179 Specialist, Dual Lang Imm (DLI) Chinese / USOE
   Silvia Juhas 801-567-8157 Specialist, Dual Lang Imm (DLI) / Portuguese / USOE
Norman Emerson 801-567-8364 Consultant, Instruct Supp Services / Fine Arts (Music) / Drama
Mary Ann Erdmann 801-567-8088 Consultant, Home and Hospital
Rebecca Gerber 801-567-8087 Consultant, Elem Lang Arts K-6
   Jennifer Black Butterfield Canyon / Oakcrest Elem Literacy Specialist
   Laury Finch Bastian / District Office Elem Literacy Specialist
   Joann Gibson Daybreak / Oquirrh Elem Literacy Specialist
   Beverly Griffith Rosamond / Fox Hollow Elem Literacy Specialist
   Sara Holt Jordan Hills / District Office Elem Literacy Specialist
   Lynette Jorgensen Riverside / Riverton Ele Elem Literacy Specialist
   Baylee Lansford Blackridge / Bluffdale Elem Literacy Specialist
   Bonnie Lougy Heartland / Hayden Peak Elem Literacy Specialist
   Megan Loveless Golden Fields / Midas Creek Elem Literacy Specialist
   Camille Osborn Elk Meadows / Mtn Shadows Elem Literacy Specialist
   Beth Parson Southland / Terra Linda Elem Literacy Specialist
   Tim Pluta Westland / Eastlake Elem Literacy Specialist
   Beth Pollock Herriman / Rose Creek Elem Literacy Specialist
   Ginny Raiser Falcon Ridge / Jordan Ridge Elem Literacy Specialist
   Connie Roe Columbia / Westvale Elem Literacy Specialist
   Wendy Taylor Welby / Silver Crest Elem Literacy Specialist
   Natalie Walker Copper Canyon / Majestic Elem Literacy Specialist
   Karen Walter West Jordan Elem / Foothills Elem Literacy Specialist
   Andrea Warren Monte Vista / South Jordan Ele Elem Literacy Specialist
Wendy Harmon 801-567-8377 Consultant, Math
   Elizabeth Felt  801-567-8131 Math Specialist
   Melissa Garber 801-567-8170 Math Specialist
Jane Harward 801-567-8169 Admin on Special Assign, Health / Science / STEM / P.E.
   Paul Nance 801-567-8175 Specialist, Elem Science
Rebecca Lee 801-567-8369 Admin on Special Assign, JPAS / Evaluations
Mindy Lokey 801-567-8152 Admin on Special Assign, Sec. Lang Arts / Visual Arts
Rebecca Smith 801-567-8368 Consultant, ALPS / Gifted & Talented / Mentors / Prof Dev
   Patricia Bennett 801-567-8123 Mentor Specialist, Elem Teachers / Gifted Spec
   Debbie Fisher 801-567-8134 Mentor Specialist, Elem & Secondary Teachers
   Judy Jackman 801-567-8171 Mentor Specialist, Secondary Teachers & Special Schools
   Amy Wood 801-567-8136 Mentor Specialist, Elem
Pam Su'a 801-567-8320 Consultant, Social Studies/ World Languages
Ammon Wiemers 801-567-8143 Consultant, Online Learning / Digital Learning
   Harrison Beckett 801-567-8759 Digital Learning Specialist
   Jay Eads 801-567-8159 Digital Learning Specialist
   Raimee Jensen 801-567-8158 Digital Learning Specialist
   Nancy Lagerberg 801-567-8774 Digital Learning Specialist
   Bonnie Muir 801-567-8726 Digital Learning Specialist
   Deanna Taylor 801-567-8773 Digital Learning Specialist
Lucy Bateman 801-567-8334 Admin Asst,  Elem Literacy / Gifted & Talented
Amanda Hansen 801-567-8319 Admin Asst, ALPS / Prof Development / USTAR
Malinda Jensen 801-567-8325 Admin Asst, Home & Hosp
Verlene Jensen 801-567-8296 Admin Asst, Instruct Supp Services / Fine Arts (Music) / Drama
Lorraine Jolley 801-567-8366 Admin Asst, Dual Lang (DLI) / Soc Studies / Science
Dawn Sargent 801-567-8239 Admin Asst, JPAS / Evaluations
Diane Vail 801-567-8381 Admin Asst, Online Learning / Visual Arts
Michelle Williams 801-567-8365 Admin Asst, Math