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Name Phone Position
Laura Finlinson 801-567-8362 Administrator
Shelley Nordick 801-567-8110 Staff Assistant
Noreen Samowitz 801-567-8367 Administrative Assistant
Mindy Dummer 801-567-8152 Admin. on Special Assign., Sec. Language Arts
Rebecca Lee 801-567-8369 Admin. on Special Assign., Evaluations/JPAS
Robyn Bishop 801-567-8129 Consultant, Dual Imm/Drama/Dance
Mary Ann Erdmann 801-567-8088 Consultant, Home and Hospital
Jane Harward 801-567-8169 Admin. on Special Assign., Science/Health/STEM/P.E.
Norman Emerson 801-567-8364 Consultant, Grants Mgmt & Supp Srvs/Fine Arts
Rebecca Gerber 801-567-8087 Consultant, Elem Language Arts K-6
Wendy Harmon 801-567-8377 Consultant, Math
Rebecca Smith 801-567-8368 Consultant, Gifted/Prof Dev./ALPS
Pam Su'a 801-567-8320 Consultant, Soc. Std./World Lang.
Judy Jackman 801-567-8171 Specialist, Teacher
Leslie McCourt-Nussman 801-567-8134 Specialist, Secondary Mentor
Patricia Bennett 801-567-8123 Specialist, Elementary Mentor
Karen Nugent 801-567-8136 Specialist, Gifted & Talented/ALPS
Beth Parson 801-567-8117 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Sara Holt 801-567-8127 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Ann Barnes 801-567-8907 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Laurene Finch 801-567-8244 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Beverly Griffith 801-567-8466 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Debi Hyde 801-567-8119 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Bonnie Lougy 801-567-8275 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Camille Osborn 801-567-8109 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Linda Peterson 801-567-8178 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Tim Pluta 801-567-8245 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Wendy Pollard 801-567-8469 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Ginny Raiser 801-567-8467 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Connie Roe 801-567-8237 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Andrea Warren 801-567-8151 Specialist, Elementary Literacy
Leticia Thomas 801-567-8135 Specialist, Dual Immersion
Stacy Lyon 801-567-8179 Specialist, USOE/Chinese
Silvia Juhas 801-567-8157 Specialist, USOE/Portuguese
JoDene Arakelian 801-567-8131 Specialist, Secondary Math
Melissa Garber 801-567-8170 Specialist, Elementary Math
Bruce Gunn 801-567-8132 Specialist, Elementary Math
Ammon Wiemers 801-567-8143 Specialist, Online Learning
Bob Marx 801-567-8148 Specialist, MESA
Paul Nance 801-567-8175 Specialist, Elementary Science
Lucy Bateman 801-567-8334 Program Administrative Assistant
Carrie Flint 801-567-8366 Program Administrative Assistant
Amanda Hansen 801-567-8319 Program Administrative Assistant
Diane Vail 801-567-8381 Program Administrative Assistant
Michelle Williams 801-567-8365 Program Administrative Assistant
Malinda Jensen 801-567-8325 Program Administrative Assistant
Dawn Sargent 801-567-8239 Program Admin. Assist/.Evaluations