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Classified Professional Improvement

The mission of classified professional improvement is to encourage, guide and reward the professional development of staff members.

Courses Offered

How to Apply
Applying for classes is a simple task.  Simply fill out Classified Staff Development Registration form and return it to Curriculum and Staff Development at the District office.   This form is available at the District Office, in the Office of Curriculum and Staff Development.  Any advertisement of classes will instruct you how to apply.

Participants must attend all class sessions and complete the assignments to receive a certificate for the class.

Funding for Classes
Employees who desire to take classes approved by CPIC may fund them in the following ways:

  1. Employee pays for class by personal check or money order.
  2. Employee may request the use of staff development funds from their department, director, or principal. All departments and schools have a staff development fund. Payment is made by check or journal entry.
  3. Employee completes a Classified Staff Development Registration form available online or from the Staff Development Department at the district office.

Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days are days for classified employees who take a class or course during the workday.  You may apply for a professional development day through your designated administrative representative.  Your supervisor must approve the request. A form is available for  Classified Professional Development Inservice Day Curriculum and Staff Development department at the district office.

For any questions, suggestions, or forms please contact Lucy Bateman in Curriculum and Staff Development at 567-8334 or