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Classified Professional Improvement

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Classified Professional Improvement Committee

The mission of classified professional improvement is to encourage, guide and reward the professional development of staff members.                   

CPIC encourages employees to improve their skills and knowledge. 

Our department, Teaching and Learning, has moved to the Auxiliary Services Building. Our address is 7905 S Redwood Road.  Come and visit us.....

    What can CPIC do?  CPIC offers classes where skills can be improved and knowledge expanded. 

CPIC can help!  CPIC can help with the payment of those classes. 

The maximum funds paid for a single course is $300.  If the cost of the course is more than $300, the employee will need to pay the full course registration with a personal credit card.  When the receipt for the registration and proof of completion of the course is submitted to the classified professional development department, a reimbursement will be made to the employee.
Where to go?

>   Ed 2 Go/Salt Lake Community College courses usually run for 6 weeks, 2 sessions per week. After completion of the course, an online test is given, and the employee is given the option of printing a certificate verifying completion of the class.  If interested in these classes, contact Amanda Hansen, (801-567-8319), for further explanation of the process of registration.
>  Expand Learning offers one-day courses and some two-day courses that you attend at their facility located at 1455 West 2300 South, Suite 103, West Valley City.   Courses run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with a lunch between 12:00-1:00 p.m.  Complete the CPDD registration form attached, (2019-20 Classified Prof Dev Form) send to Amanda Hansen, Classified Professional Development,  and registration will be made.  An email confirmation will be sent to the employee upon completion of the registration.                                                      

• Courses in customer service, grammar, problem-solving, etc., can be found at Fred Pryor Seminars,  and SkillPath Seminars  Indicate in the box district zip code, 84084, and classes that are available in the Salt Lake City Area will be provided.  Complete the Classified Professional Improvement form attached, send it to Classified Professional Development at the district, and you will be registered for the course.  An email confirmation will be sent to you upon completion of your registration.  Usually with two or three days.  Note:  Computer classes offered here are not hands-on classes--only presentation.

>   Computer classes are offered through 
Salt Lake Community College continuing education. The employee will need to pay for the class with a personal credit card and submit your receipt/confirmation for reimbursement to Amanda Hansen, Classified Professional Development.


How to Apply

Applying for classes is a simple task.  Simply fill out the Classified Professional Improvement form                                              (2019-20 Classified Prof Dev Form).


  • If the class is held during the contract day, you will need to also check the box requesting a Classified Professional Development Day.   
  • You must sign the form. 
  • Your supervisor must also sign as approval of the course.
  • Return it by district mail or in person to Amanda Hansen, Teaching and Learning, at the District Office.

Participants must attend ALL class sessions and complete the assignments to receive a certificate for the class.

Funding for Classes
Employees who desire to take classes approved by CPIC may fund them in the following ways:

  • Employee pays for class by personal check or money order.
  • Employee may request the use of classified professional development funds from their department, director, or principal. Most departments and schools have a professional development funds. Payment is made by check or journal entry.
  • Employee completes a Classified Professional Development Registration form (2019-20 Classified Prof Dev Form),  and submits the form along with additional class information (i.e., brochure, etc.,) showing the details and cost of the class.

Professional Development Days

Classified employees may take a course during the contract workday, and a professional development day may be requested on the CPDD Approval Form through the administrator of the department.                                    

  • The administrator must sign the form to approve the request. The form must also be signed by the designated administrator at the district level.

For further questions, please contact Amanda Hansen in Teaching and Learning at 801-567-8319 or